Kohenoor Kamal is an Illustrator and Designer based in the North West who has spent the past two years venturing into the freelance world having graduated in the midst of the pandemic in 2020.
Having a learning disability, Kohenoor has found this to help her navigate the design world, especially since studying her Graphic Design degree as letters and typography can be an integral part of this.
In some cases, it has allowed her to apply her unique perspective of the world drawing on her personal experiences as a Bangladeshi- British designer. Her disabilities have enabled her to break traditional design rules in a way that is unique to herself and has provided her with the unique style she has today.
Although having studied a traditional Graphic Design degree at Leeds Arts University, she has spent most of her time during and after her degree working outside the realm of traditional design projects. Being fortunate to have worked on projects such as the Posters for the People campaign by the Leeds-based In Good Company, she has been able to share personal stories of key workers in her family within a nation-wide billboard campaign.
Recent work also includes working with Tate Collective’s on an online campaign celebrating International Women's Day and amplifying the voices of fellow Asian artists who she has found influential within her own practice. Working on projects like these and many more have allowed her to work with clients and include her passion for working on projects that are focused on social change and social good.
Exhibited at:
Depot. Wharf Chambers, Leeds (2018)
Low Key. Colours May Vary, Leeds (2019)
Find and Seek. Leeds Corn Exchange, Leeds (2019)
Bound Art Book Fair. The Whitworth, Manchester (2019)
Out of Context. Colours May Vary, Leeds (2020)
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